Specialize If Your’re Having Trouble Selling SEO Services

One of the biggest problems that someone encounters when selling SEO services is the actual “selling.” Knowing how to use SEO to raise a website’s ranking and convincing a client to pay for you to do that for their website requires two different skill sets.

Being expert at web design, link building, writing optimized content and other SEO skills does not automatically translate into the ability to give effective sales presentations. Steve Jobs was both a geek and a dynamic salesman, but he was unique.

There’s a Lot of Competition, so Pick a Niche

Don’t try to compete with the large SEO firms. Give yourself a break by picking a niche and becoming the big frog in a small pond. Legal firms, used car dealers, dentists and HVAC guys all use their websites to attract new business, but aren’t identical. A legal website must be very professional while a dentist’s site is often more educational. Used car and HVAC dealers are sales-oriented. Create unique optimized content that will attract their target demographics.

Build a Portfolio of Clients in Your Niche

Another advantage to becoming the “big frog” is that it’s easier to accumulate a portfolio of past successes that a prospective client can relate to. A used car dealer will be a lot more impressed that you raised the ranking of another used car dealer’s website than by seeing what you did for those in unrelated industries. With every new client in a particular industry, you will learn more about that industry, making it easier to connect with your prospect.

Become an Industry Expert

Write content and blogs that will help you become known as an expert. When you can demonstrate that you really understand their industry-specific concerns, they are more likely to trust you with one of their most valuable possessions – their website.

Consult – Don’t Sell

Consultants are professionals who ask questions and create a plan based upon their client’s needs. Salesmen are generally regarded as a necessary evil. Raise your standing in your client’s eyes, as well as your own, by presenting yourself as a consultant.

As your business grows, you’ll need help to actually do all the SEO work that your efforts bring to your shop. Each presentation, whether it’s successful or not, will better prepare you for the next one. Focusing your efforts to a specific niche will give you a big advantage over your competitors.

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