Wikimotive Looks at How One Issue, Unknown to Anyone, Will Bring a Website Way Down the Ranks

Wikimotive is a resource for finding out where and what is causing SEO to not work as well as it could. It takes the principles of search engine optimization and refines them, discovering where things can be improved.

Most marketers (and web-savvy business owners) know the essential building blocks of search engine optimization. It includes the use of keywords, meta strings, and other elements to make a website appealing to the right market. Websites that do a whole lot of things well will rank high- organically. It’s the basis for why one website will appear at number one and another will appear on page 10.

One issue, though, may bring a website down the ranks. A business owner may do everything right. But, Google is not interested in truly helping a business owner rank high. They offer the platform and they offer a few tools. It is up to the business leader to manage the tools at their disposal.

One issue could bring a website down the ranks because Google looks at everything as it is balanced together. The issue may be unseen. For example, duplicate content will damage a website badly. The content could be taken from the website and duplicated elsewhere. It could be duplicated on the site itself. It hurts SEO for the below reasons.

  • Duplicate content suggests that the website is not the foremost authority on a topic. There are other places where the content can be found.
  • A website can take the content and do better with it. Even if they have the duplicate designation (because the content they stole has an original source), they could do other marketing aspects far better to make up for it.
  • A website that is not maintained, and thus has duplicate content on it or taken from it and put elsewhere, must not be of the highest quality. The owners don’t have the time to manage it prroperly.

Now, it is easy to see how one small issue could have an effect on many other parts of the branding. It is not enough to say that a website upholds itself with strong content. It needs maintenance to avoid a disaster that slowly culminates.

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